It’s taken 3 long years and hours and hours of sometimes exhilarating, sometimes pain-staking work, but my book Modern Sexuality is set to be released on Oct 16. For my loyal blog readers, I’ve set up a number of ways to get this book for free, or at a deep discount, but only for a short period of time. You have a few options.

You have 3 ways of getting a major discount:

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  2. You can attend my Book Release on Tuesday November 15, where I present a 1.5 hr workshop based on “Modern Sexuality.” Everyone in attendance will receive a free signed copy of the book included with the ticket price ($40). So, you get a signed copy, admission to the talk, and CEUs—all for roughly the price of the book itself. We only have 20 tix available and some have already been sold, so purchase them sooner rather than later in order to not get shut out.
  3. If you are not in the NYC area, or cannot attend either event for any reason, you can still get a 30% discount by buying directly from the publisher by going to and entering code RLFANDF30 at checkout. This offer expires Oct 31.

Or– also if you are not in the NYC area, you can save by purchasing the Kindle version on Amazon, which costs about $19.

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Here’s a short description: Human sexuality today stands at the crossroads between biological diversity and social conformity, and a battle between the two rages in the media, in social institutions, and in our daily lives. As a sex therapist, Michael Aaron witnesses this struggle each and every day as it plays out on his therapy couch. Modern Sexuality: The Truth about Sex and Relationships examines how biology and society collide head-on in the realm of human sexuality. Here, Aaron carefully and convincingly debunks some of the most commonly held beliefs about sexuality – that it is learned and can be changed; that “abnormal” sexual behavior is pathological; that healthy sexuality involves intimacy; that intimacy is the same to everyone; and that sexuality must have a clearly defined purpose.

Using groundbreaking brain-imaging studies and cutting- edge psychological insights, Modern Sexuality presents the overwhelming case for sexual diversity including orientation, non-traditional relationships, and even specific fantasies and kinks. In a world where sexual “outsiders” battle for acceptance, this work helps to explore the variety of sexual expressions from a normative standpoint, helping readers to understand that their own desires and those of others can happily exist on the same continuum.

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Dr Michael Aaron has written an astonishingly good book that instructs, entertains and educates, all in equal measures. The breadth of knowledge concerning human sexuality, both from a historical, political and clinical perspective, is fascinating and bound to help the reader understand what makes us all tick when it comes to turn-ons, turn-offs and just plain lust. (Christine Milrod, PhD, LMFT, AASECT-CST, Licensed Psychotherapist, Sexologist, and Certified Sex Therapist)

Michael Aaron is one of the new, modern warriors against the forces of sexual suppression. In Modern Sexuality, Aaron systematically dismantles the many sexual myths and outright lies which plague our society and lead to so much needless suffering and angst. He brings a powerful new voice to this social dialogue, helping to free people from the shackles of sexual shame. (David J. Ley, PhD. Author of the forthcoming Ethical Porn For Dicks, A Man’s Guide to Responsible Viewing Pleasure)

Michael Aaron is a warrior-king of non pathologizing sexuality and Modern Sexuality is his battle-cry against all those who see fit to stigmatize natural sexual deviation as deviance. Aaron uses science to take aim against ignorance and clinical insight to deliver the blow, and I am grateful he’s on the front lines of the battle for sexual freedom. (Ian Kerner, PhD, LMFT, sex therapist and NY Times best-selling author of She Comes First)

Modern Sexuality is a promise fulfilled: that Dr. Michael Aaron can talk anywhere from lecture halls to city streets, and to anyone from seasoned professionals to inquisitive youth, and have his message understood. Michael’s at once incisive and street-smart voice rings clearly and sanely through the noisy canyon of modern sensationalistic sexual chatter. This unparalleled book will be a lasting and significant contribution to sexological and sociological literature. (David M. Ortmann, LCSW psychotherapist, sex therapist, and co-author of Sexual Outsiders: Understanding BDSM Sexualities and Communities)

Anyone who has ever heard their sexuality described as broken, disgusting, or ‘sick’ will find Modern Sexuality to be a lifesaver–perhaps literally. Aaron cuts through the fog of stigma with his punk rock, no-nonsense brand of sex positivity and makes a compelling, compassionate case for why non-normative sexualities are healthy, natural, and great. When I was younger and struggling to suppress an identity the world told me I wasn’t ‘supposed’ to have, Modern Sexualitywould have been like oxygen. I am so grateful that future generations of sexual minorities will have this book, and a champion like Aaron, to fight for us. Read it! (Jillian Keenan, author of Sex with Shakespeare)

A spirited romp through the biology, psychology, and sociology of sex – with an important message for our time. Drawing on a wide variety of sources, Michael Aaron explains why we humans are so darned sexually diverse, why societies condemn all but a narrow slice of this diversity, and how individuals and couples can break free of sexual shame to celebrate their authentic erotic selves. (Stephen Snyder, MD, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Icahn School of Medicine at Mt Sinai)

Modern Sexuality approaches questions of human sexuality with an eye to the bigger picture of basic human needs and the needs of society, with an up close focus on the struggles of individuals and couples. This book is a great introduction to the current and cutting edge approaches to human sexuality that is personal, approachable, and relevant to therapeutic work, whether that is healing from past experiences or exploring your personal growth. (Richard A. Sprott, Ph.D., executive director of CARAS (Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities); co-author, Sexual Outsiders: Understanding BDSM Sexualities and Communities)

Brimming wit and scintillating stories, Michael Aaron’s fascinating new book, Modern Sexuality, offers the social context, empirical facts, and practical knowledge of sexual diversity to provide readers both a deep understanding of sexual diversity and the tools to navigate their own sexual identities. Using poignant and interesting vignettes from his sex therapy practice and his own extensive study of sexuality, Aaron provides information key to understanding the flood of sexual (mis)information and images that surround us every day. Refreshingly witty and factual without being dry, Aaron clearly has no agenda except for people to accept themselves and express their sexualities in healthy and consensual ways – he could care less if his readers are gay, bi, trans, cis, straight, vanilla, or as kinky as a cheap garden hose. Aaron just wants them to be happy and informed, and Through the Keyhole offers readers insight and guidance for their journeys to sexual freedom and authenticity. (Elisabeth Sheff, PhD, CSE, CASA, expert witness and relationship coach specializing in consensual non-monogamies and BDSM/kink; author of The Polyamorists Next Door (2014), Stories from the Polycule (2015), and When Someone You Love is Polyamorous (2016))

Michael Aaron takes us into the 21st century on sexuality in Modern Sexuality. He is a new and important voice in dismantling what we thought was true about sex and guiding us into the new truths and norms of sexual possibilities. Both individuals and couples of all sexual orientations will benefit from this smart and sensible book. (Joe Kort, PhD, LMSW, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist & Supervisor of Sex Therapy; author of Is My Husband Gay, Straight or Bi: A Guide for Women Concerned About Their Men)

This book is a grand tour of the nature of our sexual being, exploring the ways in which society and commercialization influences how we express ourselves sexually. If you want to get a thorough grounding in the real costs that people pay because sexual behavior is stigmatized, this is the book for you. You’ll also get insights, exercises and useful techniques on how to help break free and reclaim your own sexual authenticity. (Susan Wright, founder and director of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF))

In recent years, we have seen a healthy increase in ‘how to’ manuals for people who want to expand their sexuality – through tantra, through kink, through opening up a relationship, through stepping outside their sexual boundaries. The problem is, most people are too full of sexual shame to even know what they want or how to explore their hidden selves. Dr. Aaron has written the book people need to read BEFORE they get the manual. Anyone who wants to expand their sexuality in any way can benefit from this book.

Dr. Aaron has an impressive command of the literature, both research and clinical. In other words – he knows what he’s talking about. But his writing is imminently accessible to the intelligent layperson.- Modern Sexuality is absorbing and fast paced. Not only does Aaron give us up to date information about sexuality, he explain the origins and impact of sexual shame, and he has a many helpful exercises for the reader. . He draws from many cutting edge approaches, from Somatic Experiencing to ACT, to guide the reader through self-exploration, healing, and the gradual expansion of their sexual boundaries. (Margie Nichols, Ph.D., Phd, psychologist and sex therapist; founder and director of the Institute for Personal Growth, New Jersey; founder and first director of the Hyacinth Foundation; author, speaker, and activist on LGBTQ issues; contributor, Principles and Practices of Sex Therapy and Handbook of Systemic Sex Therapy)