It was my pleasure to appear on the Positive Mind show on WBAI radio back in December to promote my book Modern Sexuality. The hosts, Kevin and Ben are very prepared and ask terrific questions, so we always end up having deep and meaningful discussions. This was my second time appearing– the first was back in June when we spent two hours discussing “alternative” sexualities (you can find those audio files by going to the Media page and scrolling down or clicking here for part 1 and here for part 2.

Anyway, this was such a phenomenal interview, with such breadth to the conversation, I thought blog readers would be interested in hearing the whole 1hr 20 segment. I’m including show notes below with timestamps so that you can go and skip ahead to any particular parts that you find most interesting. BTW, if you are interested in learning more about Modern Sexuality, which spent several months in the top 10 on Amazon in its category, you might also be interested in taking a look at this fantastic review in Playboy Magazine. Enjoy!

Listen to “Michael Aaron Appearance on WBAI Dec 13, 2016” on Spreaker.

Show Notes:

0:52– Society & media’s ambivalence about sex

5:30– What is modern sexuality?

6:40– Group formation & “deviance”

9:30– Role of shame in sexuality

10:55– My activism/2015 AASECT position statement on “non-normative” sexualities

17:45– Working with clients who practice some form of “non-normative” sexuality

18:45– Failure of conversion therapies

21:10– Research on etiology of homosexuality

24:58– How I help clients talk about sex

27:25– Why people stop having sex

29:00– What goes into “peak” sexual experiences

31:50– The “honeymoon” phase of relationships

36:05– Research on […]