It’s been a lot of hard work and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but I’m pleased to announce that just this past week I’ve been offered a book deal with a large publisher. The book will be based on my work as a sex therapist and will provide a platform for various ideas that I’ve been developing for years about sociology, society, culture, psychology, and sex. The book’s content is entirely original, with material I mostly haven’t written or shown anywhere before and it maybe only touches on 5-10% of the topics I’ve written about in this blog. In other words, the stuff in this book will be all fresh. My intention in writing this book is to put some ideas out there into the public square and start a discussion going. I’m looking at a publication date somewhere in late spring 2016 (Edit: late fall 2016), so we’ve got a lot of time and I’ll keep everyone posted. My agent is currently working on specifics of the contract, so I will have more details and info to come.

I would like to thank to my literary agent, Matthew Carnicelli, who believed enough in my ideas and in their importance to take time away from his celebrity clients and help me develop and streamline those initially loose ideas into a cohesive narrative that he could show to publishers. Most importantly, he connected me with an editor at the publishing house who really understood my material and has the passion, experience and vision to help me polish and develop it to the next level.

I will keep this post short for now, and I will do most of my thanking in the book acknowledgments, but for now I want to point out that this project could not have existed without the guidance and mentoring of numerous individuals who took a personal interest in me and helped to shape me both as a therapist and writer. Then there were the countless hours of in-depth conversations that I have had with colleagues all over the country in which we hashed out numerous complementary and competing ideas, philosophies, and world views. These relationships have made me smarter, but most importantly, wiser. Specifically, and in no particular order, at this time I do want to go ahead and thank the following people who I think were most directly responsible for the fruition of this project:

  • Michael Christian
  • Dr. Henriette Klauser
  • Dr. Michael Crocker
  • Dr. Winston Wilde
  • Joseph Winn
  • Dr. Richard Sprott

Happy New Year, and here’s to a great 2015!